Debt Collection Defense Attorney on your side

collections defense attorney
At the law firm of ATTORNEY ADAM HOLLANDER-URBACH, ESQ, we provide debt defense representation for individuals and businesses throughout Southern California that are being sued over major debts.

We believe in handling these matters professionally and ethically, drawing from our extensive experience defending consumers from debt collectors. When you enlist our law firm, your case will receive personal attention from an experienced debt defense lawyer.

A Proven Track Record in Beating Debt Collection Lawsuits

We take pride in our background in collections defense. This background means that we have in-depth knowledge of the various collection methods that  will be used against debtors. We know which debt defense techniques work and which don't.

Repair Your Credit by Dismissing or Settling Your Debt Case

Eliminating your debt will improve your credit score and credit report. Removing court judgments and delinquent account entries will raise your credit score. Repairing your credit can help you with employment background checks and improve your chances of getting a credit card or loan.

Defense Against Wage Garnishment, Liens on Your House, and Other Actions

We can defend against lawsuits, attempts at wage and bank account garnishment, vehicle repossession, and more.

Our goal is to help you reach a permanent resolution. We want to ensure that no further debt collection action will be taken against you. In order to do so, we will take the time to review all possible options. Please view our track record of cases dismissed.

To schedule a consultation with an experienced debt defense attorney, call us at 310-461-1938